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. >> this is a fundamental disagreement between democrats and republicans, between bobby and myself. pick on texas. 22% of its kids have no health insurance, and 25% of its adults have no health insurance. those aren't just texas kids. those are american kids. and i think we have an obligation to make sure our kids have health insurance. and this bill does that. i don't like the individual mandate either, and i don't think it was necessary, but it's there. the supreme court has spoken. the congress has spoken. the president has spoken. mitt romney has shown this can work because it did work in massachusetts with 98% of people covered. i don't want to live in a country where 22% of the kids who are american kids in texas don't have health insurance, and i think it's our obligation as a society to make sure everybody has health insurance, and that is what this bill does. >> i'm out of time. two quick ones for you, governor. you're on the vp list. would you like to be his running mate if he asks you? >> you and i talked about this before. we're not going to speculate. i've said this the last several week
rights advocates. one of your colleagues, congresswoman gomert from texas, saying on friday the following. it makes me wonder with all these people in the theater was there nobody that was carrying? meaning carrying a gun. that could have stopped this guy more quickly. so he's on the opposite spectrum of where you're coming from which is to limit access to firearms. >> but david, that argument goes back even to 1993 when the nra basically said that someone else had been on the train, so many people wouldn't have been killed. believe me, i've talked to an awful lot of police officers, commissioners of police, they say it's the worst scenario you can possibly think of. can you imagine in that theater, smoke, it's dark and everybody starts shooting? i think the massacre would have been a lot worse. >> but secretary chertoff, the governor made an interesting point. this is a democrat, former democratic mayor of denver. he, like colleagues like mayor bloomberg may believe in greater gun control laws, but he also references the fact that everything was purchased legally re and we live in an age
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)